Keiwan Wind

A Data Philosopher

A Wondering Wanderer

My name is Keiwan (like K1).

Greetings. Welcome to my journey of exploration and transformation!

I am on a knowledge quest at McMaster University, where I combine and repurpose my old habits of design thinking, agile development, health promotion, data and implementation science, strategic management, and many more into innovative resources to unlock the secrets of developing sustainability by transforming both business and society.

Unleashing the Data Philosopher Within:
Where Curiosity Ignites.

As an Assistant Professor at DeGroote School of Business, I’m passionate about nurturing a culture of wonder and question. Education isn’t just about providing answers; it’s about igniting the spark of “why?” I proudly wear the title of a data philosopher, challenging the norm and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking to reveal the true potential of data.

My Epic Journey:
Unravelling the Secrets of Health and Society.

During my PhD at the University of Toronto, I started an unexpected adventure by delving deep into the mysterious forces that shape population health. Applying data science tools, such as social network analysis and system dynamics, in my toolbox, I showed how the quality of connections among social determinants of health causes people to feel healthy. Wearing a critical realist lens in using these techniques, I created a deeper explanation of how to study and improve population health.

I’m a Cheerful Generalist:
At the Intersection of Management, Data Science, and Health.

In my pursuit of knowledge, I’ve embraced diversity and versatility. I’ve earned an MBA, an MSc in digital health, and a BEng in software engineering alongside my doctorate. These varied experiences have opened doors to unique perspectives and fueled my passion for seeking subtle connections among components of the problem to find out-of-the-box solutions or to question the presuppositions that presented a phenomenon as a problem.

Beyond the Classroom:
Foodie, World Cuisine Explorer, and Lens Wizard.

While research and data philosophy drive my professional life, my interests extend beyond academics. I’m a total foodie, transforming the kitchen into a playground of flavours and experiments. I love blending ingredients from different cultures to create delicious masterpieces.

But I don’t stop at just cooking – I’m an explorer of world cuisines! From bustling street markets to cozy family-run restaurants, I do not miss the opportunity to savour our planet’s diverse culinary traditions. Each dish is a gateway to the heart of a culture, a journey in itself.

When I’m not delighting in food adventures, I’m capturing life’s fleeting moments through the lens of my Nikon. As an avid photographer, I find beauty in the ordinary and aim to tell compelling stories through my photos. Each snapshot captures emotions, cultures, and memories that become timeless treasures.

Living It Up in Toronto:
A World in a City.

My home base, Toronto, is a vibrant metropolis where cultures converge and creativity thrives. It’s a global melting pot, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences and cuisines worldwide. Living here means embracing a world of endless possibilities.